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  How E-Reports Work for Insurers and Payers

Insurers and payers know medical case management works. It cuts the costs of claims. But managing cases could still be more efficient, convenient, and effective.

E-Reports 4.0 puts the information insurers and administrators need and want at their fingertips when they want it. So adjusters can review the current status of their cases at their convenience and in less time than it takes to contact the case manager.

Safe and Secure

E-Reports 4.0 keeps claimant identity information and personal information safe and secure as it should be. E-Reports are secured with 256-bit encryption technology to ensure that social security numbers and other personal information cannot be stolen as it travels across the multitude of computers and routers that make up the Internet.

Insurers and adjusters should know that sending personal information across the Internet in ordinary e-mail is inherently unsafe. E-mail travels across many computers before it reaches it's destination. Any compromised computer can contain software designed to copy personal information for the identity thief. If you're receiving case management reports by e-mail, it's time to make a change for the benefit of everyone.

Try E-Reports Risk Free

Insurers and payers can get all the benefits of E-Reports without incurring any costs. In fact, we expect payers will see significant savings from reduced administrative costs and accelerated cycle times. Simply tell your case managers that you think convenience and security is important and ask them to give E-Reports a try.

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