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  How E-Reports Work for Case Managers

Increasing Case Management Efficiency

The system allows the case manager to choose their own work flow and enter case data as the case progresses. Once claim data is input, it need not be entered again for the life of the case which may span dozens of case progress reports. One click notifies the client or adjuster when the case is updated so they can review the case report at their convenience. Supervisors and case managers control access for patients, employers, attorneys, and others who may need to follow the case.

  1. As the Supervisor, you can assign yourself or others as the case manager.
  2. Assign the Adjuster (Payer) to the case for voluntary access.
  3. Assign appropriate Guests when necessary or desired.

Developed by Case Managers

The E-Reports system was developed by case managers for case managers to ensure that all necessary and relevant case management information is included. And E-Reports are customizable!

Getting Started And Building Your Business

When you sign up for an account, you're automatically the Supervisor and the default Case Manager for all cases you get from an insurer or payer. As the Supervisor of the case, you can manage the case yourself or assign any case manager to it. So if your client has cases beyond your service area, you can take the case and assign it to a case manager in that area. By Supervising the case, your client is assured of the same great management they get from you.

The potential to grow your case management business far beyond your personal service area is a tremendous opportunity. Smart business people will see how the E-Reports system will allow them to expand their business rapidly, building relationships and moving into new markets.


When it comes to billing, we understand the time it takes for Supervisors and case managers to provide insurance companies and payers with detailed, itemized bills. When the case manager is itemizing details of the job in a report and again for a bill, it creates a lot of non-billable hours. If your accountants have to itemize bills in Quickbooks for your clients, it's inefficient.

The E-Report system makes billing itemization easy and increases productivity. On the report's Activity page, there's a drop-down list of daily case management services. The case manager selects the activity and enters the hours (or partial hours) at the time they do the work. There are additional sections for expenses, travel, and other case activity. Supervisors set their rates privately and send the itemized invoice by e-mail when the reporting period has ended. The invoice contains no patient identity information, thus insuring security and HIPAA compliance.

Choosing E-Reports

All the E-reports are comprehensive, concise, flexible, expandable and easy to navigate. Nothing is required except the most basic case information, so you can work in the way that fits you best.

  1. The Short E-Reports cover claim/case identity, employer data, adjuster authorizations, medical status and treatment, MMI, PPI ratings, RTW, vocational background and job availability, case manager recommendations and a daily activities log with the ability to generate a Quick eBill invoice.

  2. The Catastrophic E-reports include all the features of the Short E-Report plus complete medical history, driving, hobbies, educational background, legal information, primary goals, claimant financial information, and more.

  3. A stand-alone Medical E-Report is available for IME's or Second Medical Opinions.

  4. A stand-alone Quick eBill is available for customers who prefer to track case activity and send an e-mail invoice without an E-Report. All Quick e-Bills contain a security option for submission by claim number/initials only to eliminate the risk of identity theft (HIPAA compliant).

The E-Reports can be printed, saved, faxed, or mailed. But why bother? They're always here for authorized users to access when needed.

If necessary, Support services are available to help you get started.

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