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  Key Features of the E-Reports System

Administrative Menu - Browse report list, start new reports, assign users and more.

Sortable Case List - Sort by claim number, name, date, e-mail address and more.

Four Levels of User Privileges - Supervisors, Adjusters, and Case Managers can authorize Guests to view reports.

Supervision - Supervisors can assign cases to case managers, oversee all the reports, and privately invoice their customers.

Notification - One-click notification to Adjusters and authorized Guests when a case is updated.

Authorizations - Adjusters have ability to approve requested case activity and treatments.

Flow-through data - Claim data flows through to follow-up reports which reduces reporting time.

Standardized - Standardization means comprehensive, thorough, and consistent case management.

Activity Log - Track hours, activity, travel time, reimbursable expenses, and other costs.

Invoicing - Case management Supervisors can set rates and invoice customers.

Accessibility - Access the system from any location with Internet availability.

Secure - SSL data encryption, password authentication, automated daily data back-up, and network intrusion monitoring.

Print/Save/Fax - Reports can be printed from Web browser, saved to disk, or faxed.

HIPAA Compliant - Complies with federal privacy regulations.

Easy To Use - No downloads, no plug-ins, no installations, and no executable files.

No Upgrade Costs - We upgrade the E-Reports system without additional fees to end users.

Maintenance Free - We maintain the system all day, every day, 365 days a year.

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