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E-Reports 4.0The new E-REPORTS FOR COMPANIES is an online health care medical case management system that resides on a secure, reliable, backed-up server accessible from any location to authorized users.

The system facilitates medical case management excellence. Fully completed reports ensure that all relevant facts of the case are considered during the decision-making process.

How it works for case managers

The new E-REPORTS FOR COMPANIES enable case managers to provide timely, secure, and comprehensive health care medical case management information and recommendations in a standard reporting format or a customizable format. The E-Reports system helps you do what you do best, increase your earnings, please your clients, save time and gain a competitive edge. [More]

How it works for payers

Insurers and payers know medical case management works. It cuts the costs of claims. But managing cases could still be more efficient, convenient, and effective.

E-REPORTS FOR COMPANIES puts the information payers and administrators need and want at their fingertips when they want it. So adjusters can review the current status of their cases at their convenience and in less time than it takes to contact the case manager. [More]

How it works for physicians

Medical E-Reports eliminate administrative delays and reduce administrative costs of medical claims processing. It's simple to use. [More]

How it works for employers, employees, and attorneys

Persons authorized by the case manager or insurer to review a case file on the E-REPORTS system are called Guests. Guests include employers, the injured employee, attorneys and others authorized by the case manager. [More]

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