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The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy
by Mark H. Beers, Robert Berkow, & Robert S. Porter (Editor) and Thomas V. Jones, M.D. (Editor)

The best reference and educational book is an industry standard for case managers as well as consumers interested in health information. New Hardcover 18th edition (April 7, 2006)

The following medical case management books are recommended.

  1. America's Best Hospitals
    by U.S. News, World Report (Editor), World Reports (Editor)

    Based on an independent survey that combines statistical factors as well as each hospital's reputation in the medical community, the country's top news weekly has compiled this comprehensive guide that ranks and profiles the nation's health care facilities in 17 different medical specialties. 820 charts & tables. Paperback. 1996

  2. The Case Manager's Handbook
    by Catherine M. Mullahy (Editor)

    Use this book to develop case manager programs. Invaluable as a framework for the case manager's responsibilities. Hardcover. 1998

  3. The Case Manager's Survival Guide
    by Toni G. Cesta

    Focused on the essential aspects of nursing case management. Includes planning, implementation and evaluation of successful case management programs. Covers case manager roles, skills, training, credentialing, and certification. Paperback. 1997

  4. Nurse Case Management in the 21st Century
    by Elaine L. Cohen (Editor)

    This guide offers a sharp eye view of the development, planning, implementation, cost effectiveness, and evaluation of care programs. It emphasizes the client/nurse partnership, and advocate for nurses to work for the enhancement of health-care delivery services. Hardcover. 1996

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Case Management for Health Care Professionals
by Rufus S. Howe (Editor)

Life Care Planning and Case Management Handbook
by Roger O. Weed (Editor)

Nursing Case Management : A Practical Guide to Success in Managed Care
by Suzanne K. Powell, Patty M. Wekell

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