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Medical Disability AdvisorThe Medical Disability Advisor: Workplace Guidelines for Disability Duration (MDA), Fifth Edition, developed and revised by Reed Group, is the world's most comprehensive set of disability management guidelines. This single source reference provides disability duration figures for normal recovery periods and natural language descriptions on the most common illnesses and injuries of working people.

MDA Features

The Fifth Edition of the Medical Disability Advisor provides comprehensive information on each diagnosis and procedure including:

  • Injury, illness or treatment name in alphabetical order with ICD-9/10 code(s)
  • Descriptive text written in concise, straightforward language and displayed in user-friendly format
  • MDA duration tables that provide minimum, optimum, and maximum disability duration expectancies based on job classifications
  • List of questions the reader may wish to reference when an individual fails to recover within the maximum duration
  • Illustrations to assist the user in understanding the anatomy of an injury, or why the medical condition may be disabling
  • Complementary and alternative therapies
  • Recommendations on appropriate rehabilitation therapies, frequency, and duration of treatment
  • Appropriate specialist for treatment, referral, and independent medical examination
  • Diagnostic criteria (history, physical exam, tests)
  • Potential treatment protocols for medical conditions or a list of reasons why specific procedures are performed
  • Possible complications
  • Predicted outcome or prognosis
  • Suggestions for appropriate work restrictions and accommodations
  • Comorbid conditions that may impact disability duration
  • Important factors that may influence length of disability
  • Summarized normative data displayed in bar graphs and line graphs for more than 200 of the most common injuries and illnesses
  • Other diagnosis (differential diagnosis)
  • List of references for each topic

MDA 5th Edition Reference Text (2 Volumes) [No longer available]

  • 2 Volume Hard Cover
  • Over 10,000 diagnoses and procedures
  • Rehabilitation Guidelines help you understand treatment options and flag inappropriate care.
  • Expanded indexes (topical and ICD-9/10)
  • Highest frequency workers' compensation conditions
  • Minimum, optimum and maximum duration expectancy figures based on US DOL job classifications
  • Updated diagnostic criteria, content describing medical tests and procedures as well as suggested action steps when an employee fails to recover
  • New extensive indexing makes it easier than ever to find the information you need
  • More full-color illustrations, tables and informative data graphs than previous editions
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