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Stop searching. The Case Management Email Information Service contains vital resources and answers your questions about pre-certification, requirements, preparation, and certification.

Get answers to questions like these:

What are the requirements to become a case manager in my state?

What are the eligibility requirements for case management certification?

What are the requirements to take the certification exam?

What are the prerequisites of being a case manager?

What are all the requirements, pre-qualifications and experiences needed for eligibility for the CCM exam?

Where can I obtain an application for the CCM certification exam?

What is the application process, qualifications, date and location of exams and cost?

Will my experience as a Minimum Data Sets Coordinator (MDS) count towards the hours of experience that are needed for certification in case management?

Does a Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate Program prepare an individual or credential the individual as a CCM?

What are the prerequisites, requirements, pre-qualifications and experiences that qualify a candidate to take the exam to be certified?

How does an individual who is neither an RN or a Social Worker become a Case Manager?

What degree and work experience qualifies a candidate for the CCM exam other than a nursing degree?

Does CCM include case management for Women and Infant Services, OB/Nursery/Neonatal CM?

Where can I find case managers who specialize in brain and/or spinal injuries?

Are Licensed Practical Nurses able to apply and sit the CCM certification exam?

Where are the Case Management Associations located?

What type of liability insurance does a Case Manager need?

What CEU programs are available?

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Individualized professional consultation, support, and follow up by e-mail or telephone is also available.

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